It's another win for the pound for pound king of boxing. Pacquiao won against Clottey by unanimous decision. Pacquiao now 51-3-2 (38 KO). It was not much of a fight. I think you would probably agree with me that it was a one side fight and a bit boring. Pacquiao throwed 1,100 punches against Clottey who throwed 140 punches during the fight.

Before the fight, Clottey said for every 10 punches Pacquiao will throw I will blocked 9. He proved that he has the best defense in the business. Most of Pacquiao's punches was deflected with Clottey's arms and gloves. Although Clottey landed a few punches but it was accurate that it caused a large mouse in Pacquiao's right eye.

During the entire fight, Clottey was not taking any risk. Even his corner told him to take risk during that fight. He did manage to get one round when he was bit aggressive on the 10th round. If you are a Pacquiao fan, you would think that Clottey's stategy was too tire Pacquiao so he could come back in the later rounds. Clottey put a very solid defense but lacked the offense to win the fight. Pacquiao was very aggressive in that fight.

"I can't believe it!"said Pacquiao. "I threw a lot of jabs. Clottey's a very tough opponent; he's a good fighter, strong enough. He was looking (to land) a big shot as a counterpuncher.

Clottey described Pacquiao. "He has speed. He's fast. He's waiting for me to open up to counter me. He's (too) fast."

When asked about a future fight with Mayweather. Pacquiao replied, "Mayweather? I want that fight. The people want that fight. We're ready to fight at any time. Maybe someday he'll fight. If not maybe Mosley (Mayweather's next opponent) and I should fight. Mayweather's style is not difficult, like Clottey.

Although Pacquiao said that. I wouldn't say that Mayweather's style is easy. Mayweather is not Clottey. Mayweather make's you miss and makes you pay. He is a defensive fighter but has the skills to fight back unlike Clottey and it will not be a an easy fight for Pacquiao.

Meanwhile Mosley vowed to make a great fight against Mayweather. He says he is going to knock out Mayweather and hand him his first loss. It's not going to be a sleeper and the only one sleeping will be Mayweather according to Mosley.

I do agree with Pacquiao's trainer Fredie Roach: Pacquiao Mayweather fight is what the world want to see. I still want it to happen. Hopefully the Mayweather vs Mosley will not be a much better fight to watch than Pacquiao vs Clottey. Share your thoughts in the comment section.