After all the drama the Pacquiao vs Mayweather created.  This could all be hype for the fight. The analysis was focus on who was right and who was wrong? The steroid controversy, lawsuit, and the blood testing were the center focus of a lot of people. Who can blame them?
When you see the news Bob Arum and Richard Schaefer  are going at it back and forth. It’s like they are the one fighting. Today I want to bring you back to the fight between Pacquiao vs Mayweather.

Both Fighters will fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on March 13, 2010 in which it will bring the probably the highest PPV in Boxing. Both have great resumes in their boxing career. Their fight includes a catch weight with a penalty clause. Pacquiao is with a record of 50-3-2 and Mayweather with 40-0. Both fighters will be earning $30 million to $40 million, depending on television sales. Now let’s look at who has a better edge on the fight.

1) The corners: Pretty much a wash though Roach is as savvy as there is, but Roger knows how to work with his nephew. Freddie Roach has a better resume than Roger Mayweathers.

When it comes to bond between trainers and fighters, Roger knows his fighter really well. Pacquiao now follows Roach instructions more than ever. He even called him “Master”.

We’d break him down and beat him up…Floyd can’t break an egg; he’s fragile. He hurts his hands all the time. He has speed, but if he lays on the ropes and rolls his shoulders, we’ll take everything he gives us.
–Freddie Roach

Obviously he’s(Pacquiao) a much better fighter than I thought he was. Regardless of how he beat De La Hoya, he still beat De La Hoya. Regardless of how he beat Ricky Hatton, he beat Ricky Hatton. Obviously, he’s a better than I thought he was
-Roger Mayweather

Lil Floyd would whoop (him), but to tell you the truth, I don’t think he should fight him…That would be my advice to him.
–Floyd Mayweather Sr

I had to add Floyd Mayweather Sr comments because he is on Team Mayweather’s camp and the former trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hopefully Floyd Jr won’t take his advice.

2) The styles: Destined to face each other, Pac Man is the aggressor who will take a punch to deliver one and is a brutal closer. He has an offensive whirlwind type in the tradition of Aaron Pryor while Floyd Jr. is a more “pick you spots” type of technician who is a tactical defender and employs a great elusive ability. Blessed with speed, stamina, power, sharp punching, a solid chin and great defense, he is undefeated and at the top of his game. As a “purist,” I find his level of all around skills not only uncommonly high, but exciting to watch as well. Some compared Pacquiao as pure athlete and Mayweather as pure skill.

Pacquiao now seems to possess an arsenal the qualitative content and completeness of which only Floyd can stake claim to. With his in-and-out movement, effective jabs, fight-ending hooks from both hands, solid stamina, and a sound defense, there is little to criticize.

3) Ring IQ: Both are savvy and experienced fighters, but I believe Mayweather has an ever-so-slight edge as he can adapt to different situations a bit faster. Pacquiao have come a long way but now he has skills to adjust his fight on situations but Mayweather already has this a long time ago.

4) Level of Opposition:
Manny has fought 10 fights against 6 guys who arguably have a solid shot at being inducted into the Hall of Fame. But he also fought and beat fine other fighters with great records coming in. If you throw a dart at his list of opponents, you might, for example, hit Australian Nedal Hussein (43-5), South Korean Seung-Kon Chae (23-0), Thai Chatchai Sasakul (65-4), Mexican Oscar Larios (56-4-1), Thai Wethya Sakmuangklang (41-3), or Colombian Jorge Eliecer Julio (44-3).

Some of PBF’s victims include Emanuel Augustus, Carlos Baldomir, Arturo Gatti, Phillip N’dou, DeMarcus Corley, Genaro Hernandez, Zab Judah, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), Jesus Chavez, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, and, of course, Diego Corrales.

Edge to Manny

5) Common opponents
Both sent Ricky Hatton into Manchester dreamland, but Juan Manuel Marquez gave Pacquiao fits while Mayweather schooled and dominated him. Of course, the opposite happened with De La Hoya. Distinct and important edge to Mayweather here

6) Intangibles
Chin: Manny has been hurt badly but it occurred too far back to be meaningful in my view. Floyd has never really been in dire straits. He has a reliable chin and a great defense that keeps that chin from being tested very often.

Cuts: Manny is more prone to cuts than Floyd who gets the edge here.
Momentum: Pac Man gets the clear nod. He is on a great streak of big wins (Cotto, Hatton, De La Hoya, Diaz, Marquez, Barrera, Solis, Morales, and Larios).
However, Floyd’s body is well rested and his win over Juan Manuel Marquez did nothing to strain it.

Pre-fight “juicing” fiasco: It’s just that, a manufactured fiasco that will have no impact on the outcome of this fight. Indeed, it’s mostly hype intended to build interest in this mega-rich fight.
Catch Weight and dimensions: Favor PBF, but Pac Man has never let that be an issue before. Still, 5‘8“, 72“ reach vs. 5‘61/2,“ 67“ reach is a big, big advantage

My hearts says Pac Man; my brain says Mayweather.

“A Good BIG MAN Will Always Beat A Good SMALL MAN –A GREAT big man will always beat a GREAT small man.”
–Various sources

Look, Floyd dominated the guy who gave Pac Man fits, and is naturally bigger and will enter the ring even bigger. I still cannot forget the difference in size between Mayweather and Marquez.

More importantly, when Pac Man beat De La Hoya, Oscar was a shadow of his former self who could not pull the trigger and everyone knew it. He was not the same Oscar who lost to Mayweather. Hatton already had been demolished by PBF and then badly hurt by Juan Lazcano. He was ripe. As for Cotto, many thought the “Ghost of Margo” would play a role–and it did indeed. Cotto was damaged goods by the time Manny got to him. Call it luck, call it master opponent selection by Roach, or even call it cherry picking, it is what it is. Of course, when it comes to picking opponents, PBF does pretty well himself as he seems to retire more often than he fights.

But in the final analysis, I simple cannot see Manny penetrating the elusive defensive tactics of PBF which will include shoulder rolls, strategic clinching (read: holding), spinning, sharp counter punching, and lots of movement. Of course, Manny will not emulate Hatton and allow Mayweather to pot shot him. No one can do that to Manny. Instead, I see what could become a boring tactical match in which Mayweather will do just enough to earn a Majority or Split Decision in a disappointing fight.

However, if Manny can get Floyd to engage in meaningful exchanges, he might have his best chance to land punches from unusual angles. But he needs a willing partner to do his best work. Cotto and Hatton were willing partners.

I hope I’m wrong. I will be rooting for Manny, but………… Mayweather is neither Cotto nor Hatton.

We’ve all seen in the past how Manny Pacquiao proved everyone wrong. Let’s hope the fight continue and see the greatest fight of the decade. Pacquiao vs Mayweather, a match you wouldn’t want to miss. So who do you think has more edge?