After searching the internet I came across an article that I had to repost it. For the Mayweather Fans this is will not make you happy. The article provides simple and direct to the point information on the Pacquiao vs Mayweather and why the fight is not happening.

This simple analysis will open your mind why the fight is not happening. Hopefully you will see his point of view. Oh and don’t mind the language. Read the rest.

Pacquaio vs Mayweather News Update : Arum’s Ultimatum and Points to Clear

Pacquaio vs Mayweather match update : Here we go again the much talked sport event between Manny Pacquaio vs Floyd Mayweather has never stopped to persuade. Until Bob Arum gave his ultimatum for this match and if this match will not work he will be looking for another fighter and it maybe Paulie Malignaggi.

 Here’s what Arum said “Let the commission decide. If they come away and decide Manny needs to be blood tested every single [expletive] day, then we will go with that. This is the way to go to give this thing legitimacy. I hope they [TeamMayweather] see reason.”

 So where’s the ball now? It’s on Mayweather’s camp now.

 I’m sad that people starts to doubt Pacquiao who has never been tested positive by any means. So Pacquiao will DO THE BLOOD TEST and it will be Nevada’s governing body to decide when and where to do the testing!

 Here’s our point:


As Pacman agrees to BLOOD TEST so why you people whine about HGH or PEDs? Pacquiao has nothing to hide!!! Damn you guys don’t even see the point why this fight is not happening? And now it will be Nevada’s job on deciding how much testing they will do for this match. Mayweathers always crying Pacquiao on DRUGS, PEDS and HGH but they are the one who were involved on this issue if you check their history.


Accusing someone is not a good way to destroy someone’s heart it just give stain to that person’s credibility. As Pacquiao has nothing to hide he is SUING MAYWEATHERS because he know he is CLEAN.


My goodness all of you people doesn’t know why this fight is not on the way it’s to be. It’s not Pacquiao who don’t want to be TESTED! He wants to be TESTED as he says “AFTER THE FIGHT”. If Pacquiao won the match and he tested positive by that BLOOD TEST thenMayweather win. Simple isn’t it? So what’s the point of doing RANDOM BLOOD TEST!


We are still hoping that Pacquiao vs Mayweather will still go on it’s way to the canvass not in the court. We are not supporting Pacquiao but we just see the point why he refused to those Mayweathers.

Well , Cross Fingers!!!

Ma ling from


Let’s all hope the fight will happen. I’m not a Mayweather hater but he does give a balance perspective on things and he is telling the truth. Well share your thoughts on the comment section.