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Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather: Who wins and why?

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Analysis PacmanBy Jason Haynes: So finally, the fight the world has been waiting for is to be negotiated and signed….or is it so? There have been rumours of Mayweather demanding 60-65 %, Pacquaio saying that the fight will never happen because he doesn’t think Mayweather wants to fight.

The fight will happen on March 13th and even though I feel that a fight of this magnitude should be in Dallas in front of 100,00, it will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

But who wins?

Cases can be made for both Mayweather and Pacquiao and I will make a case for both listing their pros and cons, starting with Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao Pros:

Speed: Manny’s hand speed and foot speed is noted the world over and he has the ability to throw 4,5,6 punch combinations in any round.

Power: Manny bludgeoned De La Hoya to make him retire in Roberto Duran “No mas” fashion, people attributed this to Oscar being weight drained, unfortunately so did Ricky Hatton who, in the second round of his match-up with Manny felt the full force of the pac-mans power. Still the critics tried to detract from this saying that Hatton was shot and that Manny would struggle to do the same against a live welterweight. I feel that Manny addressed this against Cotto. Cotto took a Margarito style beating from Pacquiao ( without loaded gloves!).

Chin: I feel that Manny’s chin has improved as he’s risen in weight. He seemed to struggle against Marquez in 2 epic fights, in a way that he hasn’t since against guys heavier ( Diaz, De La Hoya, Hatton, Cotto).

This I believe, is because he had to drain himself down to 130lbs whilst being a man who walks around at around 145/150lbs. Against Marquez, Pacquiao’s weight on the HBO unofficial scale come fight night was 144lbs. Boiling down to make weight and re-hydrating, as everybody knows causes the brain to shrink, thus increasing the chance of a KO due to the rattle effect when punched at the point of the Jaw. Fighting at a higher weight lessens the chance of brain shrinkage before fights and it’s been reported that Pacquiao eats as much rice and salmon steaks as he likes now without having to worry about making weight.

Technical skills: Manny has improved drastically since moving up in weight. He no longer relies on the Jab straight left combination that he used to great effect in his earlier fights. He throws more to the body, has developed a fantastic right hook and also shows a feint. He has better head movement and doesn’t lunge in as much as he did previously. He throws his punches from unorthodox angles whilst retaining that devastating power.

Fitness: Manny has shown repeatedly that he can fight for 3 mins of a round for the full 12. Against Cotto, Manny threw 780 punches landing 336.

Manny Pacquiao Cons:

After thorough analysis, I don’t see Manny having many obvious weaknesses. He is susceptible to a good stiff Jab as shown by Marquez and Cotto in the early rounds and sometimes can be caught lunging in. This has improved markedly in his last few fights but he still can be caught when launching an attack. He was hit and hurt fleetingly against Hatton in the second round before the devastating knockout but hit nonetheless whilst throwing a right/left combination.

Floyd Mayweather Pros:

Speed: Mayweather’s hand and foot speed is also impressive and although he hasn’t shown a willingness to throw combinations in every round he effectively throws rapid fire Jabs and right hand counters, sometimes right hand leads. He can attack with blurring hand speed, developed on the pads and taught to him by Mayweather SR, to body and head as shown in the Arturo Gatti fight(R.I.P) and moves effortlessly in to position to do so. His foot speed allows him to fight on the back foot and land counters against forward thinking fighters.

Defence: Mayweather has a defence akin to Pernell Whitaker or a Prime Roy Jones or Bernard Hopkins. His shoulder roll is fantastic and when on the ropes he combines that with the high held hands around the ears. His counter punching, speed of foot also makes him very elusive.

Chin: Mayweather hasn’t had to show whether his Jaw is in the Evander Holyfield league as his defence is second to none but when he has been caught he hasn’t looked on the verge of being KO’d. He appeared to be more off balance in the first round against Hatton(Hatton caught Mayweather with a straight Jab) then shaken.

Technical Skills: Mayweather’s greatest skill is how he gets the distance between him and his opponent just right. He utilises the Jab and shows a feint drawing the opponent onto his counter right. His defence appears to be his offence, fighting from the back foot almost leaning back to the side to lessen the target for his opponent. He has great timing, and commands the centre of the ring without really engaging. He has shown himself to be a master of the sweet science.

Floyd Mayweather Cons: Mayweather avoids pressure and doesn’t like to engage in a slugfest, which as he’s shown isn’t really a con, but against De La Hoya was behind until Oscar stopped using the Jab and gassed out in the later rounds. Zab Judah also had great success with his fast hands until the latter rounds.

I feel that the winner of the fight will be the fighter who can better utilise his pros against the other’s cons i.e if Pacquiao can pressurize Mayweather, attack from the unorthadox angles throwing 4/5/6 punch combinations and take Mayweather out of his comfort zone then Pacquiao wins by decision or Late stoppage. If Floyd can get the centre of the ring, use his reach advantage, dictate the pace of the fight, pot shot and counter Pacquiao, then I see Mayweather winning a unanimous decision.

My prediction?

Pacquiao throws too many punches and sets to much of a fast pace for Floyd who looks for the counter right down the pipe but doesn’t have the power to deter Manny from launching wave upon wave of attacks.

Floyd in my opinion won’t be able to withstand the typhoon that is Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao by decision.

Now that wasn't hard at all, was it? And you've earned a wealth of knowledge, just from taking some time to study an expert's word on Pacquiao vs Mayweather Analysis. Who do you think will win? Give your reason why.