While The battle between two Pound for Pound Kings is still not confirmed. Fans around the world await for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight and it can be compared to battle of kingdoms. Both are the current best fighters of the world. Both are king of the rings. But there can only be one pound for pound king.

Enter the story of the two kingdoms of Boxing Ring. Pacquiao vs Mayweather the most anticipated fight in the century.
Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Clashes And Kingdoms

It seems as though the sport of boxing is not entering a new decade with an increased resolve toward priority. There is a certain pettiness that penetrates into and then spawns from the business aspect. This particular brand of pettiness is delaying the most lucrative bout in boxing today, not to mention the most intriguing. Here, it is presenting itself in the form of backhanded allegations. In particular, it is the presumed use of an illicit substance that may be contributing to one fighter’s otherworldly success.

Puns aside; no one can win on these terms. In Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao we have two kings, one crown, and a battle for supremacy that may not be waged at any time in the immediate future. As of now, we’re left where we started; with the two warrior kings, their diverse, sprawling territories, and the stakes that have been laid out on the table, waiting...

Still, it is a clash that will continue to loom inevitably on the horizon. Every possible calculation, every potential configuration has these two men meeting in combat as their ultimate outcome. What was at one time indisputably in the hands of Floyd Mayweather was shifted through the rising of another monarch. That shift occurred when Manny Pacquiao earned through exertion and bravery what Mayweather seemed gifted with through genetics and dedicated cultivation.

Mayweather, the first to claim the throne, ascended to the lofty perch by utilizing his raw talent, cleverness, and a strong, intelligent sense of self-preservation. He is an incomparable defensive master. Mayweather though, has always had somewhat of a tenuous relationship with his subjects. In the past, he has been victorious in all battles he has entered into.

In doing so, he has safeguarded his position. But he has often been criticized for only venturing out from his fortress when there is an almost guaranteed gain. He has routinely scoffed at opponents who aim to topple the crown from his head. And almost without fail, he has scoffed at those who have posed the most severe threat, choosing instead to wall himself up within the fortress. Within the walls, he is firm in his own legacy. He has often claimed he doesn’t need to confront further enemies because the crown is already in his possession. His unwillingness to answer every call has dampened the legacy of his reign in the eyes of many.

Pacquiao came to the throne while Mayweather was convincing himself that his claim as pound for pound king was unassailable. He seized his position in true, heroic form. Never for Pacquiao will the question of legacy rear its head. His rise to power is better suited to legend than it is to legacy, as it is. Pacquiao pleases his subjects because he has never been satisfied to remain within fortress walls. For him, the fortress is invisible. He sleeps outside with his bed suspended over the mote, ready to do battle with dragons and wizards.

He is as comfortable with hazards as he is with havens. He defends his crown with pride in the name of his subjects and for the higher power he believes in. He derives peace of mind from the certainty that his fate has already been forged. He is a humble warrior king, because at his core he is himself a humble subject to a greater authority. For him, the crown is a mere ornament.

Two kings, one crown, and a meeting that is all but etched in certainty. It is the landscape as it exists now. But if that meeting is held up by senseless variables, it alters the landscape. It provides an opportunity for another to rise. And where there is the promise of profit in glory, there will be no shortage of willing contestants.

The welterweight divisions are teeming with talent and more than one viable contender falls within their ranks. Being grouped among boxing’s elite at once augments and disguises the capabilities of these fighters. To be considered good in this division is to be held to a higher standard through comparison. Mayweather and Pacquiao each hold mythical titles, but that does not confirm that a threat to one lies only in the other. While Mayweather and Pacquiao have been tending to their domains, strength has multiplied on the outskirts.

Nearly a year ago, Shane Mosley gave a memorable performance against Antonio Margarito. At the time, Margarito was a popular man to avoid. The subsequent glove scandal that was set off just prior to the bout with Mosley is well known, and it’s more than likely that Margarito’s punching power was affected by it. Still, in the tempo of this particular fight it didn’t come into play.

Seemingly in possession of his speed and slickness again, Mosley declared himself as a more than worthy conqueror. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao fight in the antithesis of Margarito’s lumbering style, but Mosley possesses attributes as a fighter that could pose a threat to any style. Mosley is intelligent, seasoned, and undoubtedly hungry for an opportunity at the crown that was once laid upon his own head. He is due to fight Andre Berto shortly, a fight that will eliminate one potential alternate if Mayweather vs. Pacquiao does not materialize in the near future.

Timothy Bradley is another feasible alternate. His style would make for an interesting clash with either Mayweather or Pacquiao. He has showcased well rounded skills in the ring, as well as determination and focus. In his last bout, he was fighting a friend in Lamont Peterson.

Peterson’s story of a troubled youth was well publicized before the fight, and it would have been easy for Bradley to become distracted by sympathies drifting toward Peterson. He, himself, had to look past the sentiment involved, which would have posed no small threat to his resolve. Bradley would approach either bout with fierceness and a complete willingness to engage that would generate an entertaining and satisfying bout.

Sadly, petty distractions may delay the mega bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao. If the two current kings do not meet on the field of battle, they will be called to task by others.

If that happens, either both will reinforce their royal mettle by emerging victorious, or one will fall to a surprise invader. In those circumstances, power shifts, and a new king might emerge. But if their standings are cemented by separate victories, every possible calculation and configuration will demand that they meet in the ring. Obstacles and petty influences will move aside, and the question of supremacy will finally be met with a gratifying answer.

The fight happen has to happen. All the analysis of the world won't contribute to hunger of the fans to see the fight between Pacquiao vs Mayweather. May the best king(Man) win.