The battle of this decade is approaching on March 13th - Manny Pacquiao v.s. Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Pacquiao fans appear as if they partake in Similar thought - just in favour of Manny. The Mayweather fans appear to have without doubt their fighter is going to finish up Pacquiao with an easy victory. It would be outstanding to envision this battle finish in a knockout or technical knockout but who's the fighter more presumed to get kayoed.

As somebody who watches over boxing for the complete enjoyment of the sport, here is my thought on Pacquiao vs Mayweather Analysis.

Mayweather is going to get hit a lot to a lesser degree than Hatton, De La Hoya, and Cotto. His defensive structure is roughly perfect. As close as you are able to get or at least that I've witnessed from existing decade boxers. That being stated, Maywether is going to get hit much more than he ever has with some of the heaviest punches he's dealt. Pacquiao's power and speed does not appear to decrease that very much even out through the late rounds. If you estimate Mayweather is going to get hit at the least 30% less than the referred Pacquiao adversaries, he's probably still going to have taken in roughly pretty good blows by the tenth and eleventh round. I am going to state Pacquiao has a fifty percent chance of probability of knocking Mayweather down just since I believe the continual blows of Pacquiao could just throw Mayweather off sufficient that his defense reaction declines and he allows him self exposed for a lot of strange angled power punch that he did not consider coming.

I believe Pacquiao has just as good enough probability of being knocked out. Some people say Mayweather does not have enough power but even if that's sure, a moderately hard punch landed on the chin a couple times in a row from a straight left left and alternating left hook that is even as quick as Pacquiao's punches is going to cause troubles. We have witnessed Pacquiao accept some blows, we have also watched him get into problem as recently as March 2008 versus Marquez. I've to say while Manny Pacquiao isn't almost as wreckless as he was even just early of 2 years ago. There is also fifty percent chance probability of Manny being knocked out. He's going to be constantly assaulting and Mayweather is going to be counter-punching. Those counter punches will be more effective than Marquez's and the risk is unquestionably there for Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the world's most popular boxers today. Maywether is the favored by a lot. Who will succeed in March 2010? Pacquiao vs Mayweather Analysis will not be an easy prediction.