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Reports: Pacquiao to file lawsuit against Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao: Don’t be a coward and face me in the ring
By Brett Okamoto (contact)

Dan Rafael, boxing writer for has reported that seven-time world champion Manny Pacquiao is planning to sue Floyd Mayweather Jr. and other members of his camp for defamation.

Pacquiao’s decision is based on accusations the camp has made that the fighter uses performance-enhancing drugs.

“Enough is enough,” Pacquiao told “These people, Mayweather Sr., Mayweather Jr. and Golden Boy Promotions, think it is a joke and a right to accuse someone wrongly of using steroids or other drugs.

“I have tried to just brush it off as a mere pre-fight ploy, but I think they have gone overboard.”

The news makes a potential mega-fight between the two fighters seem highly unlikely. Pacquiao and Mayweather tentatively had been scheduled to meet in a welterweight bout March 13 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

While both fighters initially agreed to the basic terms of the fight, a recent disagreement over the method of drug testing had put it in jeopardy.

Mayweather had demanded Pacquiao undergo Olympic-style testing by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency prior to the fight. The Filipino, as well as his promoters, had continually refused.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission requires fighters to undergo urine tests, not blood tests.

Members of Mayweather’s camp have stated that Pacquiao’s refusal to have blood drawn shows he has something to hide. Mayweather Sr. in particular has repeatedly accused Pacquiao of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The accusations have apparently pushed Pacquiao to taking legal action.

“I have instructed my promoter, Bob Arum, to help me out in the filing of the case as soon as possible because I have had people coming over to me asking if I have cheated my way into becoming the No. 1 boxer in the world,” Pacquio said.

“I maintain and assure everyone that I have not used any form of steroids and that my way to the top is a result of hard work.”

After speaking with Pacquiao on Thursday night, Arum said he had never seen the Filipino fighter so upset.

“I have never, in all my years I have known Manny, seen him so angry,” Arum told “No wonder he is so fierce in the ring. He said, ‘I don’t want you to deal with these people.’ He said he’s going through with the lawsuit.”

As far as the proposed fight, HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg says he hasn’t given up and hopes the event can be saved.

But even Greenburg, who has remained optimistic throughout the disputes, seemed less optimistic Thursday.

“We’re not giving up on this fight,” Greenburg said. “We’ll just keep the lines of communication open. That’s all you can do.”

If the fight does fall apart, Arum has said that Pacquiao’s next opponent would likely be the speedy, but light-hitting, Paulie Malignaggi. According to Arum, Malignaggi would take the place of Mayweather on March 13.

Boxing fans around the world would certainly be disappointed if it’s Malignaggi and not Mayweather that meets Pacquiao in the ring early 2010.

It appears so would Pacquiao himself.

“I say to Floyd Mayweather Jr., don’t be a coward and face me in the ring, and shut your big, pretty mouth,” Pacquiao said. “Face me on March 13 in Las Vegas and not in some talk show forum or press release written by people who don’t even know me.

“Face me in a fight where I get to punch back.”

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